There’s always a first time for everything.

We’re pleased to announce that the first ever distribution for STN5 token holders has been approved by the Board at Smart Trade Networks.

A distribution to qualifying token holders will be made on Tuesday 19 October 2021. This distribution is made possible by…

Welcome to the world of Value 3.0 where communities can create and track value across many different dimensions to turn the tragedy of the commons into the euphoria of the commons.

Value Flows

Value is a social construct. It ebbs and flows, and is only meaningful when it is in motion. Value…

The Data Integrity in Supply Chains Association Inc. (DISCA) is a not for profit association incorporated in Australia. It is a membership-based association that is focused on harnessing members’ resources to promote and advance the mission of the association and deliver membership benefits.

Calling All Members — Welcome to the DISCA


The Mission of DISCA is:

  1. Support the…

We are committed to empowering communities. This means ongoing R&D, education, training and capacity building. Here’s how we plan to do that.

Earning Through Learning

We have designed the infrastructure for the STN academy through serious R&D supported by collaboration with university researchers across the globe. …

The STN infrastructure roadmap for 2021–2022 aligns ecosystem priorities that build on the existing platforms. It also dovetails with the scope of works of the R&D to be undertaken as part of our second phase Smart Trade Hubs project being undertaken in collaboration with the project research partners at Queensland…

Welcome to the future of value creation and flow with Smart Trade Networks. Membership driven value growth, tracked via crypto-tokens, delivers transparency and trustworthiness without the need of intermediaries.

Welcome to the Club — Members with Benefits

There are over 30 projects in the first cohort covering areas such as carbon mitigation, food security, decentralised finance, property fractionalisation and ICT to name a few.

Smart Trade Networks is pleased to be supporting a diverse range of projects across the globe, which have been curated through the work…

As the world moves towards target zero for carbon emissions in 2050 knowing your business’ carbon footprint will be mandated; and we’re developing solutions to help business’ tackle this problem.

The measurement and verification of carbon emissions across supply chains will impact multi-billion dollar industries. Many business owners and managers…

STN and BeefLedger are pleased to announce their growth into the Vietnam ecosystem through agreements with TVM Digital and TVM Finance.

The agreements provide access to:

  1. a larger user base of small and medium sized enterprises operating in diverse sectors, including in the rapidly expanding Vietnam global trade space;
  2. market…

Unbanking the Banked creates win-win for communities

A new property fractionalisation project opportunity has been launched using the Smart Trade Networks blockchain for key data security services. The opportunity opens up real estate assets to anyone, as barriers to entry are slashed and digitalised convenience enshrined.

This article describes the…

Smart Trade Networks

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